Resident Evil Is Worth Playing In VR, Depending On How Far You're Willing To Go

No HUD examines how recent Resident Evil games have transitioned to VR, and the best way to get a spine-chilling experience out of them.


It's a great time to be a fan of Resident Evil, as much like the recently deceased loitering around the streets of Raccoon City, the series has seen a huge revival over the last couple of years. These days, you can find a great Resident Evil game on just about any modern platform, as well as on several virtual reality systems. VR naturally intensifies the terror of Resident Evil games, but it does have some limitations that can have an impact on Capcom's popular zombie-slaying franchise.

So is it worthwhile to play Resident Evil in VR? That's the question that GameSpot's Jean-Luc Seipke aims to answer in this week's episode of No HUD. By examing how these games handle VR, what makes them great, and what drawbacks they have, No HUD looks at how these mainline Resident Evil games can provide a more visceral experience, and how VR can elevate the experience.

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Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is easily one of the more important games in the history of the franchise, as it helped usher in the Resident Evil renaissance. Made for VR first, it's a more intimate Resident Evil in which you explore the Baker Mansion, gaze upon some incredibly impressive--and gross--visual effects, and feel a new level of terror. It's just a pity that it's anchored to the original PlayStation VR, which isn't exactly the best system to play the game and robs it of some of its magic. Fortunately, the PC modding community has come to the rescue, which you can see more of in the video.

No HUD is one of several new GameSpot originals that you can watch right now, and in the first episode, Jean-Luc looked at Resident Evil 4 and how you shouldn't stop playing after the end credits have rolled. This week, you can catch a new episode of The Kurt Locker, in which Kurt Indovina reveals how fell down a rabbit hole of retro game prices, chased after a Dreamcast cult-classic game, and eventually ended up in Japan to score a killer deal.

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