Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom - How To Repair Weapons

Reclaim your weapon durability with this one weird trick. Ganondorfs hate it!


Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings back Breath of the Wild's divisive weapon degradation system. If you're lamenting the return of durability, though, don't worry. For Tears of the Kingdom, Nintendo also sneaked a secret equipment repair method into the game. Here's how you can easily repair your melee weapons, bows, and shields in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to repair weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The key is to find an Octorok, the squid-like enemies that are known for chewing up and then spitting out flaming rocks. These creatures are particularly common in the dry Eldin region near Death Mountain, where the Gorons live. The region is in the northeast portion of your map.

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Octoroks have a few different attack patterns. If you get too close they'll hide, while if you keep their distance they'll alternate between a sucking vortex and spitting out objects at you. If you simply drop a piece of damaged gear in front of one of these hungry, hungry octos, they'll suck it into their mouth, make an audible chewing sound, and then sparkles will appear above them to indicate that the effect worked. You can reclaim your gear by either defeating the Octorok, or waiting for it to spit it back out at you. GameSpot has confirmed this works with all three breakable gear types: melee weapons, bows, and shields.

However, you can only do it once per Octorok, per Blood Moon. If you've used up all the Octoroks you can find, you'll have to wait for a Blood Moon to reset the trick and continue restoring your gear.

Obviously making a special trip to provide Octoroks with some snacks isn't practical to do with all of your gear, so you'll just want to save this for equipment that was particularly hard to obtain. Still, it shows Nintendo took the complaints to heart and provided an in-universe way to circumvent its own weapon durability mechanics.

Octoroks can be found all around the Eldin region, like here at Goronbi Lake.
Octoroks can be found all around the Eldin region, like here at Goronbi Lake.

Of course, you can also extend the life of your weapons by utilizing the new Fuse mechanic as well. That's one of the major new powers in Tears of the Kingdom, and mainly functions to enhance your weapons with additional power or special abilities.

Tears of the Kingdom has already set a series record in the UK, and we can probably expect similar regional sales announcements to follow. That's no surprise, as Breath of the Wild has been a critical darling since its release and this long-anticipated follow-up launched to a warm critical reception, including a 10/10 in GameSpot's Tears of the Kingdom review.

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